What Will Gen-Z Leadership Look Like in the Coming Years?

Key Attributes Of Gen Z Leaders
key attributes of gen z leaders

We are on the verge of entering a new era, the era of Gen-Z taking leadership roles in the workplace. Slowly, the masses of Gen-Z’s are flooding into managerial and higher positions within the workplace, leaving them in charge of business directives and operations. Despite the bad reputation of the Gen-Z workforce in the workplace, they have the opportunity to create great change to the typical professional structures we use today.

There is speculation as to what Gen-Z leaders will look like. For the boomer generations, there is only dread as to what Gen-Z will bring to the workforce. On the other hand, millennials who are passing over the batons to have much more optimism about the skills and positive change we will begin to see from Gen-Z leaders. In this blog post, we will assess our predictions as to what we believe Gen-Z-led workforces will look like and how they will manage being managers.

Tech Fluent  

One thing is certain for Gen-Z leaders. There will be a heavy reliance on technology to assist and almost take over much of the business’s operations. With the surge of various AI platforms and support applications, businesses are now all running to take advantage of what AI has to offer. Gen-Z has practically been brought up in preparation for this moment. Technology has been around for the majority of their education and professional careers, so we can only expect there to be even more emphasis on the use of technology and artificial intelligence. For boomers, the thought of a tech-reliant workforce is the stuff of nightmares, but realistically, it can elevate, if not surge, the success of any given business if used wisely. 

Inclusive to All

Inclusivity will be a priority for Gen-Z in leadership roles. While there has been a bias in the workplace in previous years, whether that be due to race, gender, social class, or sexuality, we expect to see total inclusivity across various professions in the coming years. Reports have shown that Gen-Z is much more likely to work for a company that shows clear signs of inclusivity. This will feed into their roles when placed in positions of authority, ensuring that their workforce is based solely on merit and skill, keeping diversity in mind at all times. 

Flexible Working 

A large population of Gen-Z has experienced part of their education in lockdown during the infamous COVID-19 outbreak. During this time, much emphasis has been placed on flexible learning and working, which they have embraced with open arms. It is estimated that 80% of Gen-Z have worked from home and embrace the idea of flexible working for their full-time careers. With this, we can only expect Gen Z leaders to encourage flexible working conditions.

There are restrictions at present for many companies who wish to keep their staff under close watch; however, Gen-Z will put their trust in their workforce. This will also allow for a broader range of staff with variable skill sets, as businesses that can operate digitally will make the most of staff across the country working remotely. Embracing flexible working opens up the doors for a diverse range of staff who have different time constraints, most of which can be used to the advantage of the business.

It is also thought that Gen-Z will push for the ‘4-day working week’ that has been in conversations. Much of this generation believes that the 5-day working week is outdated and that people are capable of completing the same level of work within this condensed period. Some companies are even trialling this method right now, and we expect to see this widespread once Gen-Z has large-scale authority. 

Encouraging Continuous Upskilling 

Gen-Z embraces the idea of upskilling and working within different departments until people find a place they can work optimally. Education and greater experience are what we will find in the workforce led by Gen-Z. They prioritise the goals of staff and understand that following the same routine and job that does not exercise their skill set may lead to a high staff turnover. Instead, Gen-Z will push for staff to engage in constant learning to add more value to each individual, and in turn the business. 

Embracing Wellness

Gen-Z has witnessed the rise in mental illness or at least the recognition that mental wellness should be prioritized within the workplace. Gen-z leaders will push for their staff to invest in their mental wellness, ensuring that their mindset is positive and nurtured in and out of the workplace. There will be more company wellness initiatives, such as employee mindful sessions, and perhaps cognitive therapy included within business insurance packages. Mental health will be equal to physical health, and employees of Gen-Z leaders will be taken seriously when reporting any declines in either.

Driven by Purpose 

Gen-z are extremely present and driven by purpose. Perhaps as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, they are abruptly aware of the fragility of your current situation and do not take anything for granted. This is why Gen-Z leaders in the workplace will be goal-driven, as opposed to letting old tactics drive their careers. They will also reflect this into their workforce, encouraging staff to have goals and create their milestone or reach 

Transparent With Communication 

Gen-z are transparent and do not beat around the bush. Transparency will be at the forefront of how they will become respected leaders in the professional field. This younger generation of leaders will make sure that everyone is clear on their objectives, and will make sure that staff know that there is no such thing as a stupid question. This will open up the opportunity for valuable learning, instead of suffering in silence with a fear of coming across as un-knowledgeable.

Bottom Line 

Overall, after seeing an introduction to Gen-Z’s in the workplace, we are optimistic that they will bring value and improvements to the traditional workforce we see today. This will apply to all industries, hospitality to credit insurance, the positive change will be consistent. From their tech fluency to their diversification, the professional world will experience some fruitful changes in the years to come with Gen-Z as their leaders.