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As a psychology and growth model blog carrying content based on extensive research, Beyondpsychub remains committed to empowering individuals to conquer themselves for better mental health. At the core of this mission is our team of talented writers and doctors committed to delivering informative and quality posts centered around the essence of our vision and mission.

Beyondpsychub is looking for writers, contributors, and guest writers who want to be part of this mission to help people struggling with mental issues who need inspiration, motivation, and life lessons for self-development and growth. We welcome those with experience in topics in psychology, inspiration, motivation, mental health conditions, life coaching models, work culture, and workplace psychology.

What We Need

As a writer or contributor, you can showcase your talent, creativity, and content skills by covering various topics. You can choose mental health, psychology, life coaching, work culture, and work psychology, including tips and solutions, explanatory articles, and coaching models. Your articles must be relevant to the latest trends, well-researched, and backed by study and research links with updated statistics and information.

Health professionals are welcome to write for us to showcase their articles and work, for which due credit will be given.

What We Expect

  • In the role of writers, contributors, and guest writers, you should possess a strong background in psychology and be able to interpret and cite academic research in a clear and accessible manner.
  • You should also be a detail-oriented writer with excellent grammar and punctuation skills and a passion for delivering high-quality content that informs and inspires readers.
  • Articles must be written in a conversational tone, be simplified for readers to understand, and maintain a sufficient level of readability to improve the website’s rank in Google.
  • We insist you use tools such as Premium Grammarly or ensure your articles are well-edited and non-complicated in wording and structure.
  • Ensure your articles are captivating, beginning with engaging hooks, and then providing content that both inspires and keeps the reader wanting to read more.

Our Preferences

We seek writers knowledgeable in their fields. Those with specific education, training, or expertise in the mental health field are given preference. We want all readers to be able to identify the author whose work they are reading. Thus, these characteristics must be mirrored in your author profile as well.

While you don’t have to be a professional psychologist or life coach, we expect you to be familiar with our niche and the topic on which you are writing. Your post needs to demonstrate your mastery of the subject.

Values Are What We Stand for

At Beyondpsychub, we value collaboration, compassion, and self-governance. We can create content that positively impacts individuals and communities by working together and supporting one another. We also understand that each person’s experience and perspective are unique and important, and we are committed to providing a platform for diverse voices and viewpoints.

How to Apply

If you are interested in joining our team and have the qualifications we seek, we encourage you to apply today. We are excited to learn more about your experience and expertise and look forward to the opportunity to work together to produce content that promotes health and well-being.

Email – admin@beyondpsychub.com