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Are you interested in writing science-based content that helps people improve their health? Please read on to discover more about the science-writer position we are seeking to fill.

A Brief Description Of The Job Position Is As Follows:

About You

How to Apply

Please submit the following to admin@beyondpsychub.com to be considered:

Values are what we stand for.

Having Positive Effect

Prioritising science, we do our best, provide value, strive to be helpful, and strive to improve.

Being Nice

We strive to be compassionate and understanding.


Each individual has their own perspective, rather than forcing our opinions on others or stating what is “right”, we offer diverse perspectives and a variety of solutions that help people determine what is best for them.
We review applications on a continuous basis. If we’d like to learn more about you, we’ll reach out with a request to complete a sample writing assignment.