How to Manage Social Anxiety Without Drinking

How To Manage Social Anxiety Without Drinking
how to manage social anxiety without drinking

In our daily lives, we often interact with many people. Whether it’s work or school, we can’t avoid it. But people who have social anxiety always find it hard. For us, maybe it’s a normal routine to meet people and talk to them, but for them, it’s a scary feeling. And the worst part is that some people want to deal with this unwanted feeling by taking help from alcohol.

People have to understand that they can deal with this problem without using substances. When you choose to be sober, you are choosing real and true connections as well. In this article, we have listed how you can manage social anxiety without drinking.

Is there a connection between anxiety and addiction?

Besides, substance misuse is more common in individuals experiencing anxiety problems than in everybody else. As indicated by Mental Times, anxiety disorders have been associated with higher lifetime rates of alcohol misuse and higher relapse rates after alcohol recovery. If you don’t know how to help them with that, then do visit the Renaissance Recovery.

1. Understand Your Triggers: Awareness as the First Step

The first step towards reducing your social anxiety is self-awareness. If you are well aware of yourself, then you know the problem; you just need to think of a solution to remove social anxiety.

You have to figure out if it’s large crowds, unfamiliar environments, or fear of judgment that’s the biggest root cause. When you know the root cause, you don’t have to create an escape by using substances, but only to take out some solution.

2. Practice Mindfulness: Ground Yourself in the Present Moment

The practice of mindfulness in your life always helps with many mental health problems, and all you have to do is be fully present in the moment. If you think about the past and future, then anxiety is obvious because we don’t think positively. We always focus on negative situations that happen or will happen in the future. So it’s really important to practice mindfulness every day to improve your mental health.

3. Gradual Exposure: Expand Comfort Zones at Your Pace

No disease can be cured instantly. You can’t cure anxiety quickly, either. We understand that it won’t be easy, but begin by attending social events or situations that are less challenging for you. Slowly, you can make progress like that when your anxiety starts to reduce.

4. Positive Self-Talk: Challenge Negative Thoughts

When you feed yourself with many negative thoughts, including about social interactions, you will start to have anxiety issues. Start talking to yourself about the good things that can happen. Try to convince yourself; even if it’s starting to run towards negative conversations, bring back your mind and give it the right direction.

5. Build a Support System: Connect with Like-Minded Individuals

For people who are not that social, it’s hard for them to make friends or use the social support system. But you can do that by making just one friend at a time. Start making friends, and in the end, you won’t even realize how big your group is already at this point. When you have social support, it will ensure your safety automatically. Your friends can ease your heart, and you won’t be tempted towards addictions in social gatherings.

6. Develop Coping Strategies: Replace Alcohol with Healthy Alternatives

Don’t use alcohol to escape your anxiety when you go out; instead, try to find other options that are more healthy and not going to harm your liver. Have you ever heard about the term visualization techniques? If not, then Google it; once you get to know what’s there, you can use it easily. If you are already using alcohol to cope with social anxiety and want to quit it, then visit the addiction hotline for help.


When you can easily manage your social anxiety without alcohol, do not lead your life towards substances because they’re too harmful. In our lives, we don’t know the right path, so we often take the wrong road. That is why, in this article, we have listed the right things you can do to reduce your anxiety. Follow them consistently, try using each one step by step, and we are confident that results are already on their way to you. It’s just the courage you need right now to change your life.