How Can A Mentor Help You In Your Career Selection- Expert Tells 7 Ways Proper Mentorship Helps Everyone


How can a mentor help you in your career selection? This question often bothers everyone, even people who think it is not good to ask any other person about our career. They think it is the most important decision of their lives, and asking some unknown will ruin it.

There is no truth in these disturbing talks. And I’ll prove it by sharing the 7 ways proper mentorship helps everyone choose their right career. So, let’s read.

How Can A Mentor Help You In Your Career
How Can A Mentor Help You In Your Career Selection- Expert Tells 7 Ways Proper Mentorship Helps Everyone

How Can A Mentor Help You In Your Career Selection

What Is The Role Of A Mentor

The first question that comes to every mind is who a mentor is, what role they can play, and what is a mentorship program. Mary E. Maloney defined “Mentors are individuals, usually in your field, who can help develop your career, assist in networking, and provide valuable feedback.”

What is a Mentorship?

Mentorship is the guidance, influence, and direction a mentor gives their followers or subordinates. What is a mentor at work? Mentors are influencers that have the power to play with words that can make one ponder over their life decisions and make them able to see clearly and choose the right path for themselves.

In the business dictionary, a mentor works as a counselor, trainee, or guide. The mentors are responsible for positively conveying the ideas and messages of the higher authorities on a lighter note to the employees so that they not only understand it but abide by it wholeheartedly.

They are also responsible for counseling the employees about their personal life so they can put aside their worries and be more productive at work.

How Can A Mentor Help You In Your Career
How Can A Mentor Help You In Your Career Selection- Expert Tells 7 Ways Proper Mentorship Helps Everyone

7 Ways Mentorship Helps In Career Selection

Career selection is the most critical choice for any person that determines their future. This decision can either make you reach heights of success or drown you in the sea of regrets. Everyone in this crucial phase longs for a guide to understand them and help them come out of this phase like a winner. A mentor is the best help you could get for career selection.

If you don’t know why mentoring is so important, here is a list of ways in which good mentorship can help you in career selection;


Usually, mentors better understand psychology and can see through the other person’s personality. They know the wants and needs of people by interacting with them. When a person understands your wishes, requirements, and circumstances well, they can give you a better third-person perspective that you might not have been able to see or think about.

Mentors guide you about what career suits you best, keeping your personality and the conditions in mind.

A Better Understanding Of The Pros And Cons

Mentors come up with excellent knowledge about industries, careers, and the market around them since they have to be physically present in the scenarios. They have a good number of regional internships program so that they may understand the industries, needs, and career opportunities well.

Since they have good knowledge about the market, they understand the pros and cons of every career well and bring forward the facts to the person seeking help. This way, the one seeking the advice will have a clear idea of what is good for them and what is not.


Most people find it very hard to open up to the people they know for fear of being judged or their information and emotions being told to others. The fear often does not let people open up, and they suffocate themselves in the never-ending chain of thoughts.

Conversely, mentors exude an aura of reliability, and people find it easy to open up to them. Their comfortable vibe helps one understand themselves well as they may bring forward the thoughts and memories that may have been previously denied in their own mind.


Mentors are present in major multinational companies as industrial psychologists. They form a part of many good companies with numerous career opportunities. These companies are a dream for many, and they reach out to mentors to guide them on how to reach these companies.

Mentors already a part of these companies may guide you about the job opportunities present and which role is more comfortable and high paying. People may even land a job via these mentors in such high-end companies.

Personal Grooming

To outstand in any career, you must first outstand as a person. Mentors assess your personality, setbacks, and areas that need improvement. Mentors help you choose a job and shape you according to the career requirement so that you may fit well in it and prosper in the best possible way.

A Short-cut

It takes one a reasonable period to understand the tricks and processes of choosing the right career for themselves. Conversely, mentors crack the codes for you and present them in front of you quicker than you could guess. As they say, time is money; mentors save your money by saving your time.

Maintain Focus

As mentors as good with psychology, they help you focus and concentrate on the career options that suit you well and prevent you from wandering over other less practical but attractive options.


What are the benefits of being a mentor?

A person being a mentor enjoys exposure to different opinions and thoughts, enhancement in knowledge, feeling pleasure by helping others, getting respect, learning and demonstrating leadership skills, and learning more about his profession. 

Why is mentorship important for students?

Mentorship helps the students to understand the subjects in a new way, get exposure to new methods of learning, boost confidence, assist in goal setting and achieving them, help in choosing the right path and career selection, and give motivation.   

Why is mentoring important in education?

Mentorship in educational institutions helps both teachers and students. They encourage the teachers to develop leadership skills and help the students in every matter. It promotes teacher retention and increases job satisfaction. On the other hand, it helps the students get motivated, encourage them to set goals and achieve them, choose the right path, and choose the right skills and career. 

Why is mentoring important for youth?

It is expected that kids who have mentors will have fewer absences from school, better attitudes toward school, fewer occurrences of striking others, less drug and alcohol usage, less succumbing to depression and anxiety, more positive views toward their elders and about assisting in general, and stronger connections with their parents.

Who can be a mentor?

Any person with a great experience in his field, willing to help others selflessly, having leadership skills, and guiding others righteously and adequately can be a mentor. He must know how to listen to others, find the correct answers, help others without thinking of rewards, encourage mentees, motivate them, provide guidance, offer emotional support, help set goals, explore careers, and develop contacts. Moreover, he helps identify resources. He should be a role model and a helping figure. 

My Verdict On How Can A Mentor Help You In Your Career Selection

A mentor always holds an important place in a mentee’s life, whether it is a school or college, workplace, or life decision. So, a person should never try to mitigate the need for a mentor. And should always ask a mentor to help through his experience, knowledge, and leadership skills.