Navigating the Myths and Facts about Bio-identical Hormones

Myths And Facts About Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy
myths and facts about bio-identical hormone therapy

Are you a woman going through menopause or the premenopausal stage and confused about why your body’s acting weird? Do you know that the hormones in your body immensely fluctuate during the menopausal stages, and that is the reason behind all the suffering your body is tolerating?

Well, going through hormonal imbalance surely makes you feel awful, but bio-identical hormone therapy (HRT) could be a game changer for you.

Although there are many misconceptions and myths about HRT, do you think they are really true?  Read this blog to find out the real facts about HRT and figure out whether HRT is meant for you or not.

Busting Myths: Know the Authenticity of Bio-identical Hormones

Well, if you’re someone who has thought of undergoing HRT, especially Bio-identical Hormones therapy, then you have probably heard its negatives.

Although you would’ve considered undergoing BHRT, some myths like heart disease and breast cancer might have diverted your mind. 

There are plenty of misconceptions and false information that women going through the menopausal stage read and think undergoing HRT is not healthy. But they’re not true at all; we’ve busted the myths around bio-identical hormone therapy and explained why it is a safer option. 

Below are some of the most famous myths that we think are true but, in reality, are not. 

Myth 1: Lack of Regulation 

One of the major misconceptions that has been spread around the globe about BHRT is they are not regulated by government agencies. This is not true at all.

The majority of the US population has been falsely told about HRT not being regulated by the government. The truth is that bio-identical hormone therapy is regularly regulated by government agencies such as “Food and Drug Administration” (FDA). 

However, it is advised to undergo BHRT from agencies that are not only known for their quality but also have testimonials to prove their standard quality. It is completely false to say that HRT is not regulated by government agencies. 

Myth 2: One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Another false factor about bio-identical hormones is about one-size-fits-all solutions to hormonal imbalance. Think for yourself, how can this be true?

For example, if you’re going through postmenopausal and your body is lacking in estrogen hormone, is there any benefit to bulking other hormones and not estrogen? 

And if some other woman’s body is lacking progesterone, is there any logical reason behind providing her with estrogen and not progesterone? If this happens, then what’s the point of undergoing BHRT?

BHRT is a personalized method that helps individuals who are dealing with hormone fluctuations get rid of them healthily and naturally. 

Undergoing HRT will take you through a thorough investigation of hormones that your body is lacking, keeping in mind your medical history, and will doze you with the accurate amount of hormones that your body requires. 

Myth 3: Exclusive to Women Going Through Menopausal Stages 

As we’ve explained, BHRT stands for ‘Bio-identical Hormone Therapy,’ so how can this be complacent to only one gender? 

However, there’s no denying the fact that bioidentical therapy largely helps women dealing with menopause or its stages. However, it also helps men deal with hormonal fluctuations. 

Many conditions, like thyroid disorders, fatigue, or andropause, aka male menopause, can benefit from bioidentical hormone therapy. No matter what your gender is, if you are someone who’s dealing with hormonal adversities, BHRT is the finest therapy you can go through. 

Myth 4: Reversing the Aging Effects 

Anti-aging is yet another misconception related to HRT. Like menopause, aging is also a natural process that cannot be ceased. 

However, like postmenopausal symptoms, which can be easily dealt with with HRT, if you’re dealing with factors like early aging, fatigue, wrinkles, etc., you might see a hormone physician. 

Aging is a very complex phenomenon wildly affected by numerous factors like- genetics, daily habits, unhealthy lifestyle or diet, etc. But BHRT cannot help you cease the natural aging process. 

Myth 5: Unsafe Therapy 

Another misconception that most believe about HRT is that it is unsafe, and undergoing this therapy can lead to heart disease and breast cancer. Many pieces of research have been about BHRT being harmful, and none of them have proved their point. 

HRT is not harmful to the body. Yes, it does include dozing up your body with unnatural hormones that your body requires, but they’re not harmful at all. Rather, most of these hormones are prepared from plants, as floral hormones and body hormones almost have the same structure. 

Myth 6: Immediate Results 

Many believe that undergoing bio-identical hormone therapy gives sudden results. Do you think it is possible? Dozing up your body with the right amount of quality hormones doesn’t mean you’ll start feeling great suddenly. 

The human body has many complexities, as the food that you consume takes some time to digest. Similarly, having the right amount of hormones in your body will benefit you immensely, but it will take some time. 

However, some individuals might start to see the results before others, but that just means their body has adjusted quickly to the loading and unloading of hormones. BHRT happens by thoroughly analyzing the hormones that your body needs. If your body needs a higher amount of hormones, it will also take more time for you to adjust. 

Myth 7: Guaranteed Effectiveness

Another widely spread misconception around bio-identical hormone therapy is about guaranteed effectiveness, which is not entirely true. Why do we say this? 

This is because it is a personalized therapy; every individual will go through different hormone dosage levels. Every individual has a way of living a life. 

For instance, individuals who undergo BHRT and maintain a healthy lifestyle can feel less about the therapy being effective. On the other hand, people who go through BHRT and follow a healthy diet, exercise regularly and have a healthy routine will certainly feel more benefits. 

There is no hard-and-fast rule to follow a strict healthy lifestyle after therapy, but it is naturally more effective and efficient if you lead a healthy life. 


There are plenty of misconceptions and myths around bio-identical hormone therapy, and many believe that undergoing it may affect your heart or could lead to breast cancer. All of this is false!