How Your Beliefs Can Shape Your Reality

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Belief is a state of mind that accepts certain ideas or opinions as true or real.

The human belief system is not formed in a day or few hours, but it is formed by all the experiences a person gains while interacting with the surroundings, knowledge, and visualization. Based on our experiences we formed certain beliefs, so beliefs are a choice because everyone has his own set of experiences and the outcome of the same experience could be positive for one and can be negative for others. Also, beliefs are not static they can change with time.

Biochemistry Of Belief

Our body is made up of a basic structural unit, known as a cell and every cell of our body is aware of the thoughts, feelings and beliefs when some stimulus is triggered. When we build a perception, our brain justifies it with arguments, so the brain functions to strengthen the arguments by searching the facts supporting the arguments and neglecting the facts which are against of it. For example, if you believe that you cannot clear an entrance exam- that is just your personal view but your brain functions to manifest the same and make you visualize and it will become your reality.

Our perceptions play an important role in forming beliefs. Our innate desire and dedication to grow and learn new things lead to new perceptions and hence, new beliefs.

Once you draw a conclusion about yourself, you are likely to do to things- look for evidence that reinforces your belief and discount anything that runs contrary to your belief – Psychologist Amy Morin

Beliefs also act as a receptor of information, For example- when two persons are having conversation, the one who is sharing his experience to the other person, the brain of the other person is processing all of the information at a very fast pace and here, beliefs of the listener serve as a receptor to the sensory input and direct the response of the brain.

Thoughts- Emotions- Behavior- Belief

We become what we think about

Author Earl Nightingale

When some thought comes in mind, it has no power to affect our brain but if we invest our attention to them they begin to seem real and when we are engaged in some specific thought giving maximum attention to it, some emotions get triggered and those triggered emotions influences the way we act i.e our behavior.

For example- if you engage yourself regularly in the thought that you are not capable of getting an promotion, you will start feeling low, depressed, discouraged and as a result your performance at your workplace gets affected, you sulk down and have no confidence. So, the result of negative thought turns out to be negative. But if you engage in more positive and empowering thoughts, the results will be positive.

These if we keep repeating certain thoughts, then they become rooted in our sub-conscious mind. So these thought patterns now reinforced our beliefs and our beliefs define who we are and the reality we experience.

How You Can Change Your Reality Or Current Situation

1. Recondition Yourself

Reconditioning yourself means you have to re-program your brain and for that you have to choose your thoughts wisely so that your belief-cycle can be changed. After all, your thoughts are nothing but an endless flow of ideas running in your mind and you need to understand that you are the thoughts you give power and attention to- you are the active thinker.

Steps to recondition yourself:

  • Observe your emotions and body reactions
  • Be conscious of what thoughts are bothering you and why.
  • Whenever you feel some strong emotion, pause yourself for a while and try to find the cause and bring it into your awareness.

All this can help you to find out what went wrong and why you feeling in a certain way, leading you to the final cause which is the first thought you give your attention to.

2. Train Your Brain 

We can change our current situation or reality by training our brain. We can train our brain to focus on positives rather than on negatives, lessons rather than failures and fun rather than labor.

How you can train your mind:

You can train your brain by asking simple questions to yourself everyday, which are:

  • What are the good things that occur to me today?
  • What I have learned from this experience?
  • How can I enjoy more?

All these questions train your mind to be positive and to find the positives in worst-to-worst situations.

3. Free Yourself From Limiting Beliefs

The human brain is the most powerful thing as it is capable of creating infinite possibilities of reality. But, many of us are unfocused and have very limiting beliefs, desires, and dreams and we keep spinning around these limited beliefs due to familial, societal, religious and cultural conditioning. But, a radical shift in the perspective can do magic into our lives. The moment we become aware that our beliefs are causing harm and taking us nowhere, we begin the process of changing our lives and to turn all of our dreams into reality. But the constant desire to change yourself to be a better version of the reality will drive you through the hardships of the change.

Learn how you can identify and control your limiting beliefs

4. Meditation

Meditation is one of the processes of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts and it has other benefits as well. It helps you develop a stronger understanding of yourself and helps you grow into the best self. Guided meditation will serve the purpose to free yourself from the prison of your old beliefs and open up your ability to manifest the world of your dreams.

How you can meditate:

  • Find a comfortable and calm place to meditate.
  • Close your eyes and focus between the eyebrows (the third eye)
  • Take a deep breath and on inhale, notice the gentle rise of your chest as air fills up the lungs and on exhale , your chest relax as the lungs push put all the air.
  • Take a few more deep breaths, and keep your focus on the breath.
  • Now focus your attention on the old beliefs limiting you to explore the world around you and the impact they are on your personal, social and work-life.
  • Now, think of the belief or idea that makes you happy and full of joy and what is limiting you to live that idea. As you inhale, seek for the energy needed to build that belief and as you exhale, let go of these limiting beliefs.
  • Repeat this exercise, inhale the energy you need to change the belief and exhale the limiting beliefs.
  • Now allow your breathe to go back to normal and allow your awareness to find its way back into your body, gently open your eyes and when you are ready, you can resume your day.