How to Deal with a Narcissist: 8 Tips

How To Deal With A Narcissist
how to deal with a narcissist

Narcissists are best described as people who are full of themselves and lack empathy. Most times, we might misjudge them as people with a very high sense of self-worth or self-esteem. Dealing with a narcissistic person can be a challenging task to indulge in, let alone being in a relationship with a person who portrays the characteristics of a selfish person. Some of the features of narcissism may include;

  • High sense of self-worth 
  • Arrogance
  • Manipulative behavior
  • Exploitative relationships
  • An exaggerated sense of entitlement

As seen, most of these traits are harmful and may also tend to influence other people negatively. It can be confusing to deal with a narcissistic person, but with the tips highlighted below, it can be made somewhat more straightforward.

How to Deal With a Narcissist

1. Speak Up for Yourself

As hard as it may seem, speaking up for yourself when dealing with a narcissist is a great way to deal with them. Sometimes, we might feel like keeping something for ourselves is the best response. However, there are times when you have to say enough is enough and stand tall for what you know is right. Narcissists love it when others squirm and tend to believe that they have got to you just how they wanted it. Therefore, if you are dealing with someone close to you, try as much as possible to address your issues clearly and without interruptions. Let them know how you feel and how you wish to resolve the matter at hand.

2. Set Clear Boundaries

People might not understand how setting boundaries relieves us from unnecessary inconveniences. A narcissist is self-centered and full of themselves. Sometimes, they might think they are entitled to see what you see, eat what you eat, touch what you touch, etc. they might believe that invading your personal space and stuff is okay, which is not. Be assertive and stern, and set clear boundaries. Make them understand that they cannot do what they feel like doing all the time, especially if it involves going past the boundaries, you have set.

3. Break the Spell

Narcissistic people feed off other people’s praise and attention. If you live around a narcissist, you comprehend the truth of this fact. Sometimes, you might be forced to divert your attention to them, making you lose focus of your own needs. Be confident enough to create time for yourself. Take care of your needs before anyone else, and remember that you do not always have to give them the attention they are always craving.

4. See Them for Who They Are

Narcissistic people know how to make you feel a certain charm that might leave you yearning for more. However, it Is essential to see how they treat other people when they are not trying to impress you. Watch them closely to see if they are cheating, manipulating, or exploiting other people. See them for who they are because they are so good at hiding their authentic self. As much as you would like to share how you feel with them, they may not empathize with you. The best course of action to take is to accept them for who they indeed are and know that there is nothing you can do to change them.

5. Remember, You Are Not at Fault

When dealing with a narcissist, you are more likely to get hurt. Most times, narcissists will not admit when they are at fault. You might think you caused the problem when you did not. Narcissists tend to project their negativity to others and refuse to take responsibility. Analyse the situation and do not beat yourself up if you know you’re not at fault. If you are, apologize; if you do not take responsibility for someone else’s actions.

A narcissist will say, “Get over it because your feelings are trivial to them. If it’s not about them, they’re not interested.”

6. Expect Them to React

Narcissists always have something to say. When you tell them something, they will have something to give back. For example, if you set boundaries with them, they might have push-backs or not feel content with what you have to say. So, the best way to deal with the situation is to expect them always to fight back, so being prepared is an excellent tactic to deal with narcissists.

7. Get Professional Help

It is essential to understand that a narcissistic person may need professional help. Narcissists may never see the problem with themselves; therefore, they are unlikely to seek professional help. People with narcissistic behaviors have other conditions like anxiety and depression. You can suggest that they seek professional guidance if they want to. It should generally be their choice and not yours. Let them not use their mental condition as an excuse to abuse you are anyone else.

8. Take Care of Yourself Too

Dealing with a narcissistic person can sometimes be draining. You might find yourself in situations that you might have avoided. The actions of a person with a narcissistic personality can take down a toll on your mental and physical health. You might have feelings of anxiety, depression, or lack of self-worth. Reach out to friends and family for support and talk to a therapist or your doctor.

“Breakups hurt, but losing someone who doesn’t appreciate you is a gain, not a loss.”


Do not let a narcissist make you feel small. It is your absolute right to feel comfortable and be at peace. Remember Your mental health comes first before anyone else wants and desires.