4 Ways To Improve Your Self Awareness

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What does it mean when a person is said to be more “self-aware”? Self-awareness is the ability to focus on yourself. It is what some people would call “knowing your worth”. In psychology, self-awareness is defined as the ability to focus on yourself and analyze or understand how your actions, emotions or thoughts align with your inner self and the standards you have for yourself. Being in the optimal position to know why you feel the way you think or act the way you worked. It isn’t easy to live without being self-aware in today’s world.

The good thing about self-awareness is that one can always find ways to improve on theirs. You can only be a better version of yourself if you are more self-aware.

“Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ― C.G. Jung

It is only when you realize how self-aware you are that you can try and improve your self-awareness. The tips explained in this article are essential tips to follow to improve your self-awareness.

Tips to improve your self-awareness

Ask “what” instead of “why.”

Most of the time, we find ourselves in really tight situations. It could be at work, home, school, or in public. For example, you could find yourself working on a project that keeps on failing or not going the way you intended. In such a situation, most people would subconsciously ask, “why is my project failing?” or “why is my work not going as planned.” However, a more self-aware person would choose to use the “what” factor in this situation. ” what can I do to make this project better?” or “what is it that I am not doing right?”. Studies have shown that asking “why” makes one focus on the negative side of a situation, causing feelings of depression, stress and anxiety—on the other hand, asking “what” in such trying moments guides one to recognize and recognize factors that you had not seen. These could be opinions or problem-solving steps to help you strategize on how to fix the situation at hand rather than sitting and feeling sorry for yourself.

Mindful thinking/ meditation

Self Awareness How To Improve
4 Ways To Improve Your Self Awareness

Meditation is an excellent way to improve your self-awareness. It takes simple steps, such as focusing on your inhaling and exhaling. Mindful thinking does not differ from meditation profoundly. With conscious thought, you can take your time and feel your surrounding more serenely without fear of judgement. When one takes time to refocus on their life and the present, one becomes more self-aware. In the period of meditation, take some time and have a conversation with yourself. Ask yourself questions like “ what is going on in my life?” what can I do to make myself better?” let it be time you take to connect deeper with your emotions and thoughts and analyze your actions. When you meditate, you relax and are able to think about your inner self keenly.

“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free.”

― Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

Become a better listener/ accept regular feedback

Self-awareness can be a tricky trait for people who dread other people’s opinions. An egocentric person might think they are more self-aware until they choose to listen to what other people have to say. When one is told to listen to other people’s feedback, it does not necessarily mean that everything other people say is correct. However, to be more self-aware, you have to take your time and hear out what people have to say and implement only what will help you grow. Listen to your friends, colleagues at work, and boss. Listening allows you to become more empathetic, to understand what other people feel, and in the long run, you get to understand how other people perceive you. Yes! Self-awareness is understanding more about yourself, but you cant ultimately achieve this if you only seek it from the inside. Listening to how people see you will give you a clearer picture of who you are.

Spend time with yourself

Sometimes, we are carried away by work or the usual daily activities of our day that we forget how to be our own company. If you intend to improve your self-awareness, take time off and spend time with yourself. Self reflects without any distractions. You could choose to read an uplifting book, listen to music, write down your thoughts or generally do something that can help you connect with yourself.

“At the center of your being

you have the answer;

you know who you are

and you know what you want.”

― Lao Tzu


People who are more self-aware or completely understand their self worth cannot be easily put down by others, which is the main reason you should do what you can to improve your self-awareness.