10 Top Social Sciences Podcasts You Can’t Miss

10 Top Social Sciences Podcasts
10 Top Social Sciences Podcasts

Social sciences podcasts are about various aspects of critical thinking, human behavior, and deep thinking, including psychology, sociology, cognitive psychology, psychedelics, and criminal psychology. The idea behind the social science podcast is that you will understand complicated human behavior or psychology by listening to people’s experiences and perspectives. In the podcast, listening to Social Scientists, you will learn the genuine logic behind humans acting in certain ways and how social factors play a vital role in influencing individual human behavior mentally and physically. Correct knowledge about psychology and the social sciences can lead to self-realization and improved personal or professional relationships. Also, this will help individuals change their perception of life and improve their lifestyle.

Below, we have listed the top 10 social science podcasts for independent thinkers. This premium social science list is for those interested in learning more about social science research.

Discover More with Benoit Kim

Experience the illuminating journey of deep thinking or critical thinking with the best social science podcast, “Discover More,” hosted by amazing host Benoit Kim.  Discover More Podcasts are specially designed for the critical thinker or independent thinker who admires mental health, psychology, and the social sciences.

Discover More Podcast’s talented host, Benoit Kim is a US Army veteran and Penn-educated former policymaker turned psychotherapist. He also worked in the policy sector for a few years after becoming the youngest policymaker in the agency’s 100-year history. Discover More is also considered a top 100 social science podcast on Apple. 

Benoit Kim started the Discover More podcast journey in 2019 as a passion project, and it went into business with a top-tiered business team. The show has been recently ranked #1 in all independent science podcasts, #16 overall in all science podcasts, Apple Podcasts top 100 in 2023, and the top 1% globally ranked podcast in all categories. 

As it positions itself as a top mental health podcast, Discover More commits to delivering various social science topics and insights with top social science experts. The top social science podcasts you can listen to are:

1. Heal Body and Mind with Sound Therapy-#Episode 154

Sound wave therapy is a very different concept, and we can heal the body with sound therapy. In episode #154 of Discover More, we have a meditation teacher, a master sound healer, and the founder of Quantum Harmonix, Torkom Ji. Sound wave therapy helps heal tissue and provides pain relief. 

In this episode, we can understand:

  • The science behind sound therapy 
  • Concepts of Sound Wave Therapy 
  • How effective is sound-wave therapy?

2. Psychological Benefits of Ritual Practices-#Episode 155

There are so many benefits you can explore by practicing rituals. Rituals help to reduce anxiety and stress. In episode #155, we will uncover the psychological benefits of having ritual practices. We have Dr. Michael Norton, a Harvard Business School professor, leading behavior scientist, and best-selling author, for this episode. 

In this episode, we can understand:

  • Learn about why most peak performers have rituals
  • The practical applications of rituals
  • Psychological benefits of ritual practices

3. Deep Thinking Podcast | The Art of Living Your Dream #Episode 153

Trusting yourselves and making a big change in your lives is never easy. Chasing your dream or passion comes with consequences. Also, you may have the chance to lose everything in your life that you have achieved in the past. In this episode, we can explore more about the art of chasing your dream and the power of mindset. We have Helen Shephard, a British TV host, actress, stand-up comedian, and podcaster, as a guest for discussion. 

In this episode, we can understand:

  • Art of chasing your dream
  • Power of mindset work
  • Loneliness in the entertainment industry

4. Relationship With Food- #Episode 147

Did you know that 90% of the US population, or 28.8 million Americans, suffers from eating disorders, as per the National Eating Disorders Association? Now the question arises: how can we improve relationships with food? In this episode, we have a talented guest, Yoshua Greenfield, a former celebrity chef, barefoot spokesperson, mindful eating expert, and published author. In this episode, you will get mindful advice on how to improve your daily eating habits. 

In this episode, we can understand:

  • Different ways to improve your relationship with food
  • Benefits of mindful eating
  • How to heal relationships with food

5. Why Failure Is a Violation of Expectations? #Episode 133

A person feels negative when he is not able to achieve things in life as he expected. In this episode, we have Mica Javier, a multi-talented powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Mica is a Filipino actress, singer-songwriter, recording artist, model, and producer. You will expect to learn:

  • Expectations kill progress.
  • Healing Process
  • Life of a Third Culture Kid

6. Reverse the Aging Process #Episode 166

Is it possible that science can reverse the aging process? Is reverse aging possible? In this episode, we have Hannah Went, the co-founder and director of operations of TruDiagnostic and the founder of Everything Epigenetics. She will explain the reverse aging process in detail. 

You will expect to learn:

  • Reverse the aging process.
  • Slow down our biological age.
  • Science of longevity genes

7. Science of Manifestation #Episode 159

Is manifestation real or just a myth? This episode will explain the real definition of manifestation and the neuroscience of manifestation. In this episode, we have Dr. James Doty, a neuroscientist, neurosurgeon, Stanford professor, and best-selling author.

You will expect to learn:

  • What is manifestation?
  • The great unhappiness of America

8. Redefine Men’s Mental Health #Episode 158

Mental health has now become a very light topic, and no one is interested in discussing mental health. In this episode, we have Michael Unbroken, a trauma coach, speaker, and advocate for survivors of childhood trauma. He will explain how to break unhealthy patterns in your life and about men’s mental health. 

You will expect to learn:

  • Men’s mental health
  • Break an unhealthy pattern.
  • The power of self-talk

9. God’s Existence #Episode 156

Do you believe in God? Is there any way to find God’s existence? In this episode, you will get information about God’s existence. In this episode, we have Dr. Jeff Zweerink, an astrophysicist, published author, senior research scholar, and project scientist at UCLA.

You will expect to learn:

  • The great contribution of Christian scientists to the scientific enterprise
  • God’s Existence

10. Blueprint To Being A Creative Genius #Episode 152

Want to know the science of creativity? In this conversation, we have Rich Kirkpatrick, a creativity expert, published author, and musician. He will explain the neuroscience of creativity and what the right approach to the creative process should be scientifically. 

You will expect to learn:

  • The nature of creativity
  • 3 stages of the creative process


The listed 10 top social science podcasts will help you improve your critical thinking and help you understand various concepts of social science. Whether you are looking for a critical thinking or deep thinking podcast, Discover More is the best option.